Why CCS?

  • CCS provides full expertise in all IT components starting from networking, infrastructure and operational systems for business advice, safety information and education. Focusing on people, CCS will continue to lead the industry.
  • Full cycle services to companies, by definition of requirements for business to provide managed services.
  • A company focused on the industry will provide the required services in parallel with the latest information to market to you becoming a long-term business partner.
  • Advanced knowledge on the safety of the CCS will not only help to implement IT solutions, but we will make this solution secure and reliable.
  • CCS is in partnership with well-known companies, world leader in the IT market as HP, IBM, Microsoft, etc., and we are offering solutions to modern Albanian companies and advanced business services.
  • CCS offers a service in the interest of your needs, friendly, full and at any time.
  • CCS focused on people and on technology  putting the technology in use of the clients, for fulfilment of the needs of the clients but also helping the processes of our employees and their qualifications.