For more than 20 years, CCS is positioned as a leading company offering technology and system support in Albania. On technology, we do not provide just boxes, but technical maintenance and advanced support.

We provide technology and Business Critical Services to almost all Telco companies and banks in Albania. We provide 24×7 on-site maintenance services for mobile operators, Albanian Telecom and several banks including the Central Bank of Albania.

As an important reference – we give support to the most national important payment systems in the country like inter-bank payment system (AIPS) and automated clearing house (retail payment – AECH). We do not develop Albanian specific market application. Instead we provide solutions that are based on best international experience and expertise. For these applications and business solutions we provide national customization, business integration and local support.

Thus, we believe that our customers are getting the best of international standards/products and are benefiting from local integrator and support company (relating the high performance of such services with the low cost of them).

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