Today organizations have access to more technology and information than ever before. Xerox® DocuShare® is designed to maximize this potential; a content management platform to take workgroups further to minimize the hassle and frustration of manual workflows.

Empower workflows

With DocuShare every user is empowered to do more by automating repetitive tasks which eliminate inefficient and error-prone steps that waste time and money. Plus, intuitive workflows can be created to send notifications, automatically route files to the correct location, even manage the lifecycle freeing up users for more productive tasks.

Beyond the office

Collaborate with team members and external parties anywhere, anytime. Sharing documents and workflows is easy and secure, allowing your organization to control access in a granular way. This means work can be conducted collaboratively without any compromises to your data privacy and security.

Protect your business

DocuShare is built to secure the valuable content trusted to it. Whether you choose cloud or localized hosting, robust access controls ensure only authorized users see the content available to them. Additionally, it automates the review, update and disposal of your business-critical documents, ensuring auditing and compliance is a simpler and easier exercise.

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