We focus on People and on Technology.

Computer Copier System (CCS), established in 1993, is a Technology, Solution and Service Provider Company for the Albanian information technology market. We believe on unparallel and on positive contribute that Information technology can have on the Albanian economical and social development.

The most agreed vision for Albanian is integration to European Union. On the other side EU commission in its objectives for “Building the Europe of Knowledge” stated that “Half of the productivity gains in our economies are explained by the impact of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) on products, services and business processes” and they considered also ICT to be “the leading factor in boosting innovation and creativity and in mastering change in value chains across industry and service sectors”.

Thus, we consider that our services, our products and our support in ICT to the Albanian’s institutions (public or private) and at the Albanian people in general, could be very important for our country to reach such an important objective.

We do not “move boxes” and we are not “an IT importing company”, but we provide technology and create value to our customers through the most unique technology delivery, integration and implementation. We believe that our services and products are special, because on top of our priorities is customer satisfaction and best customer experience. We care on our clients investments and make sure that those investments will have a positive impact and faster ROI on customer business, helping them to growth. Our customer success will directly link to our success.

Our mission is “To provide the right information technology solution and services to the whole range of Albanian businesses, through a unique customer-oriented service delivery”.

Our Vision is “To be the premiere professional information technology solution provider company in Albania”.