• Control costs and color printing across your organization by monitoring and allocating costs to appropriate departments, costs centers, projects, and individuals
  • Protect confidential documents through convenient authentication methods at your imaging and printing devices
  • Limit access to all print, copy, scan, email, and fax capabilities to only those who need it
  • Reduce environmental impact by cutting the amount of paper and toner you use

HP and Nuance SafeCom solutions deliver a comprehensive, integrated suite of solutions that are as scalable as they are successful in helping you reach your business goals. You’ll start finding efficiency around every corner of your organization, with solutions that deliver improved security and comprehensive monitoring. Deliver the right print job to the right person every time. Reel in out-of-control imaging and printing processes. Regulate company-wide imaging and printing initiatives such as duplex printing. Give your employees more freedom and control to work the way they like, and your IT team the targeted solutions to strengthen security and improve fleet management. It’s the way business should be, both for today’s needs and for tomorrow’s growth opportunities.