Even it is a fast growing country, most of technologies and expertise’s in Albania are coming from abroad. Developing internal expertise’s is the most challenging direction that CCS faces. Considering the globalization and the fasten growing of all markets we always try to be online with the market.

Most of our solutions that we support are results of a strong collaborating with international partners. For competencies and expertise’s not present in Albania, we carefully select fully qualified foreign partners and we try to provide modern, best of market technology and solutions.

We believe that Albania has already prepared the way of such widely market what IT is, and doesn’t have to “reinvent the wheel”, but using the latest technology, Albanian businesses and market can fully benefit from other experiences. Having strong and international known partners, we can provide values to Albanian market and we can make sure that all Albanian specific risks like lack of knowledge, experience and expertise can be carefully managed and kept under control.

The following represent the list of most important IT companies with whom we collaborate in a meaning to provide, support and integrate them.