Reduce costs and increase speed of your database and application server service by automating the lifecycle management

Key features:

  • Provisioning and Configuration – Deploy and install database and server binaries and fully configure all components for standalone and clustered databases and servers. Define and deploy gold master configurations.
  • Database and Middleware Patching – Identify patch candidates and execute end-to-end patching process by automating across the databases and application servers.
  • Database Compliance – View on-demand compliance reports for CIS, SOX, and PCI across the entire database estate. Drill down into non-compliant settings for individual databases.
  • Code Release Management – Use process governance and version validation to ensure that database and application server code deployed to production matches code deployed to User Acceptance Test.
  • Application Server Provisioning and Compliance – Download and stage application server binaries to a target server. Deploy and install application server binaries, configure response file parameters, execute silent installation, and validate install logs and all components that communicate with each other.
  • Application Server Patching – Automate patch processes in parallel or schedule the patch operation with a single click, and discover a