PaperCut MF is a comprehensive copy and print management system designed to seamlessly monitor and control your resources with easy-to-use administrative and user tools that can be securely accessed from anywhere on the network though a web browser.

Key Features

  • Track and control walk-up / off-the-glass photocopying using hardware or software solutions.
  • Integrates with Xerox MFPs with Network Accounting / JBA and supports most modern printers.
  • 100% web-based administration, allowing admin control from anywhere on the network.
  • Cross-platform support for both servers and clients. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Differential copy/print charging allows costs to be defined, offers varied prices for color, duplex and charge to shared accounts.
  • Print release and secure printing in open access environments including job redirection.
  • Over 60 advanced web-based reports including environmental impact in PDF, HTML and Excel.
  • User Web Tools allow end-users to track usage, request refunds and upload documents from unauthenticated (wireless) laptops.
  • Ability to run on top of leading 3rd party Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, etc.
  • Open architecture with a powerful scripting language, source code access and API documentation, XML Web Services and layered architecture.